Based on our experience as education consultants and study abroad agents we were able to recognize at an early stage the many benefits of the Philippines as a destination for high-quality intensive English programs. By leveraging our knowledge of the industry and the needs of our customers we opened our first Idea campus in 2011. We are proud of our two world-class language centers in Cebu, Idea Cebu and Idea Academia, that offer the best in high-quality student-focused English instruction in a beautiful resort setting.

Online Learning Solutions

The Idea Online Learning Center is located in the same building as Idea Academia in downtown Cebu so we are able to leverage the use of our professional classroom teachers for our online classes as well. We have a robust IT and student management system and are able to offer cost-effective real-time online English and test preparation lessons to students around the world.


Curriculum Development

Our Academic Department is responsible for planning our programs and developing content for our schools (and online lessons) including textbooks, proficiency assessments, and reports. In addition, we customize programs for our educational and corporate clients to ensure that the content of the courses are relevant and effective for participants.


Cost-efficiency for our customers

We are always seeking ways to provide the best quality at the lowest price to our customers. It is our corporate mission to be the best school in the Philippines and to make the Philippines the premier study abroad destin


World-class Education:

We take our academic responsibilities seriously and we aim to be among the best educational facilities in the world. We were recently accredited as an official exam center for Cambridge English and we have academic faculty and advisors with experience in major global education companies including the British Council and Berlitz.

Original Methods to Improve Communication Ability:

We understand that language acquisition is not sufficient to become a great global communicator so our courses include important fundamental skills such as logical speaking and quick response training as well as opportunities to revise and retain the skills in task-based activities and simulations.

Great Location!:

Both of our campuses are conveniently located with easy access to the airport, shops, services and restaurants. Cebu’s biggest shopping malls are just a few minutes away, and transportation is easily accessible.

Japanese-owned and globally staffed! :

Idea Education is owned and managed by a Japanese company with extensive experience in the education and study abroad industries and we employ a globally diverse workforce including Japanese, Korean, Canadian, Filipino, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, and others.

Home of beautiful, world-class resorts:

Cebu City is one of the biggest cities in the country. It has all the convenience and comfort of a metropolis, but it has well preserved its natural resources. Cebu takes pride to be the home of some of the most luxurious, world-class beach and mountain resorts. Students can choose to relax on beaches, go island hopping, experience adventures in mountains, and enjoy delicacies or exotic food at reasonable prices.

Student Care:

The comfort and safety of our students is of paramount importance. We ensure that students are well taken care of by providing student counsellors that speak their native language as well as preparing meals that are suitable to diverse palates.

Specialized Classes:

We promote mastery in our programs especially in our Test Preparation Courses. We have specialized classes in IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL and other popular tests where students regularly experience practice tests to familiarize them with the format, practice using the strategies and eventually master taking the test.


Learning Center 1

Located in the main destination for ESL Learning in the Philippines, IDEA CEBU is conveniently situated at the heart of Cebu city. Various shops surround the school, especially the biggest shopping mall SM CITY MALL which is only three minutes away. Also students have an easy access to cafes, Restaurants and so on.Our dormitory rooms where students live for the duration of their stay are neat and clean.

IDEA Cebu- your one stop English school!
Study English at your own pace. No need to worry about accommodation or food or safety. We offer quality education all in one package. Study English while we do the rest.


Learning Center 2

Idea Academia, the newest school of the Idea Group, is conveniently located in the heart of Cebu city. We offer the best quality English programs, in a comfortable and stylish atmosphere.

Idea Academia features custom-designed classrooms, lounges and dining areas with a great view from the 16th floor overlooking the business sector of downtown Cebu. We are conveniently located with easy access to shops, services and restaurants. Big shopping malls are just a few minutes away, and transportation is easily accessible.

Our English programs were carefully prepared to suit students of different levels, ages, backgrounds and purpose. Our language instructors are well-trained and have continuous enhancement training for professional growth and development. We aim not only for students to learn English with us but to nurture confidence and belief in themselves in using the language globally.


Summer School / Summer Camp Program

Our popular Dream Camp program for Juniors will run from Mid-June to Mid-August. Participants can join for just one week or for the entire nine weeks! We welcome new students to start every Monday. 

Our Dream Camp has been carefully designed to provide a fun and educational experience to young learners as they build the language and leadership skills necessary to communicate using English in the real world. 


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