Business English(BIZ)


IDEA Academia offers a variety of courses aimed at individuals who need to improve their Business English skills and is ideal for those preparing for a career in business or those who are already working and need to enhance their ability to work in a global setting.  Topics covered in our student-centered private (1:1) classes include Business English speaking and listening as well as lessons to improve grammatical accuracy and writing business correspondence.
They can also enhance their cross-cultural communication skills for business and professional settings such as presentations and meetings through group classes.

What is Academia Business English Course?!

・Develop business language and skills necessary to use English effectively at work
・Communicate more confidently, effectively, accurately and fluently in both written and spoken English
・Improve ability to use English in real-life situations such as emails and meetings
・Expand vocabulary and useful expressions for business situations
・Increase grammatical knowledge, enabling a greater range of structures while speaking English
・Learn how to create and deliver impactful presentations
・Develop a broader understanding of topical international business issues

Private(1:1) Lessons

Business English courses in IDEA ACADEMIA consist of up to 8 private classes daily and provide our students with a truly intensive English immersion program. focus on Formal General English, Business Communication English focus on Communicative English.

Individualized Programs

We provide a needs analysis and level assessment to understand our student’s requirements so that we can ensure that are curriculum is well-matched to the student’s learning objectives.

Contemporary and Comprehensive

Our Business English curriculum is comprised of the most up-to-date resources, including new textbooks and new supplemental materials, to ensure that our students learn the language and skills necessary for the ever-evolving global workplace.


Power Business English
is an intensive program that offers private (1:1) classes only. In this course, the student is able to choose the courses that best match their needs, and teachers can provide individualized content and feedback that is specifically targeted to providing the most efficient learning path.

ESL + Biz (General English + Business English)
is designed to improve everyday spoken and written English to promote fluency in Business Communication. This program provides a balanced mix of all-around English skills, as well as business-specific courses.

Biz Intensive
is appropriate for those preparing for a career in business or are already working, and would like to move into an international setting.  This program offers a broad study of the English language, both spoken and written, from a variety of business topics.  The students can study with other students who are focused on similar goals in career and business.

Presentation English
is tailored to students that want to prioritize their classes towards improving their ability to deliver information logically and persuasively in a professional environment. In addition to the presentation-focused classes the student’s schedule will also include more general business English areas such as business writing and business listening.

Every Monday
*Students must arrive at cebu on Sunday
*If you want to start on weekdays, please contact us through contact form.

A0+ by IDEA Level Scheme.


  • Students take an entrance test on their first day of study to determine their level of English.
  • Students take a Progress Test every 4 weeks to check on the progress of their study (every Thursday)

Lesson Module

BIZ Preparation(Business + ESL)
BIZ Intensive
BIZ Presentation

Private Lesson(1:1) Small Group Lesson Big Group Lesson Optional Lesson
・Business Speaking
・Business Reading
・Business Grammar
・Business Listening
・Business Writing
・Grammar for Communication
・Survival English
・Business Presentation
・Multimedia Class
*Presentation course students
must choose Business Presentation
・Brain Training
・American Accent Training
・Grammar Review
・News English


Power BIZ 3~8

Private Lesson(1:1) Small Group Lesson Big Group Lesson Optional Lesson
・Business Speaking
・Business Listening
・Business Reading
・Business Grammar
・Business Writing
・Business Communication
・Business Vocabulary
・Presentation English
・Brain Training
・American Accent Training
・Grammar Review
・News English


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