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The Business Power Speaking courses at Idea Cebu are designed for people that are currently working in or soon to join the global workforce and need to improve their ability to communicate using English. We believe that training our students to be good speakers of practical and impactful English is the most important element for global success. So, in addition to teaching about vocabulary and grammar we have developed special techniques that focus on the fundamental elements of communication including : Logical Construction, Voice Control, Non-Verbal Communication, Interactive Speech, Style/Register, Pronunciation.

What is IDEA CEBU BIZ Power Speaking Course?!

The Business Power Speaking courses of IDEA CEBU  are designed for students and professionals at all levels who want to develop and improve their Business English proficiency. The main focus of the course is on improvement of speaking skills to be used in a variety of business settings such as meetings, presentations and socializing, and students also spend time on grammar, reading, and writing, particularly for e-mails and business reporting. Our classes are mostly private (1:1), which means that our students get the personal attention they need. Participants are given plenty of opportunities to practice the spoken English language and this program includes mandatory daily vocabulary tests and self-study.

English for Professional Communication

Business trips overseas? Joining a global project? Hosting visitors from other countries? Our programs will help participants to communicate better in a wide variety of situations by combining language enhancement along with increased cross-cultural understanding. Our courses are like a global passport to business success.

Real-World Business Communication Skills

In our classes we make sure that students learn useful expressions for business as they relate to real-world situations such as e-mails, presentations and meetings. Students participate in role-plays and a variety of activities to make sure that they are ready to interact effectively in actual business situations with confidence and impact.

Measured Learning

We provide a needs analysis to make sure we understand the goals of our students and we have a variety of English proficiency assessments that can be administered before a course starts or on the first day or training as well as progress and final assessments to measure achievement. This allows corporate clients as well as individual students to track progress and verify improvement of English communication ability.


Every Monday
*Students must arrive at cebu on Sunday

A0 or Above by IDEA Level Scheme.




Lesson Module

BIZ Power Speaking 5~7

Private Lesson(1:1) Small Group Lesson Big Group Lesson Optional Lesson
・Business Communication
・Business Reading&Vocabulary
・Business Writing
・Business Grammar
・Business Speaking&Listening
・Grammar for Communication
・Survival English
・Business Presentation
・Multimedia Class
・Evening Class


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