All Fees are
US$ or Php(Philippines Peso)

Students can pay through
“Bank”, “Paypal”, “Flywire”.
Students have to pay local payment after arrive at Philippine.

Students can learn at
Best Boutique Facilities in CEBU
with Cheaper Price.

Course Price

*All fees are US Dollars and priced per week.

General ESL

1weekUS$ 228US$ 270US$ 312US$ 354US$ 396US$ 438
2weeksUS$ 211.5US$ 250.5US$ 289.5US$ 328.5US$ 367.5US$ 406.5
3weeksUS$ 195US$ 231US$ 267US$ 303US$ 339US$ 375
4weeksUS$ 162,5US$ 192.5US$ 222.5US$ 252.5US$ 282.5US$ 312.5

IELTS Intensive, IELTS Guaranteed Score

Course LengthIELTS IntensiveIELTS Guaranteed
1weekUS$ 333*More than 10weeks
2weeksUS$ 309
3weeksUS$ 285
4~9weeksUS$ 237.5
10weeks~US$ 237.5US$ 237.5

TOEIC Intensive, TOEIC Guaranteed Score

Course LengthTOEIC IntensiveTOEIC Guaranteed
1weekUS$ 315*More than 10weeks
2weeksUS$ 292.5
3weeksUS$ 270
4~9weeksUS$ 225
10weeks~US$ 225US$ 225

Business English

Course LengthBIZ+ESL(Preparation)BBIZ IntensiveBIZ Presentation
1weekUS$ 333US$ 333US$ 333
2weeksUS$ 309US$ 309US$ 309
3weeksUS$ 285US$ 285US$ 285
4weeksUS$ 237.5US$ 237.5US$ 237.5

Power Business English

Course LengthPower BIZ3Power BIZ4Power BIZ5Power BIZ6Power BIZ7Power BIZ8
1weekUS$ 280US$ 333US$ 385US$ 438US$ 490US$ 543
2weeksUS$ 260US$ 309US$ 357.5US$ 406.5US$ 455US$ 504
3weeksUS$ 240US$ 285US$ 330US$ 375US$ 420US$ 465
4weeks~US$ 200US$ 237.5US$ 275US$ 312.5US$ 350US$ 387.5

Accommodation Price

*All fees are US Dollars and priced per week.

Course LengthHOTEL SingleHOTEL TwinHOTEL Quad
1weekUS$ 480US$ 315US$ 245
2weeksUS$ 445.5US$ 292.5US$ 227.5
3weeksUS$ 411US$ 270US$ 210
4weeksUS$ 342.5US$ 225US$ 175
Course LengthSuperior TripleSuperior QuadStandard SingleStandard TwinStandard Triple
1weekUS$ 224US$ 207US$ 385US$ 182US$ 158
2weeksUS$ 208US$ 192US$ 357.5US$ 169US$ 146.5
3weeksUS$ 192US$ 177US$ 330US$ 156US$ 135
4weeksUS$ 160US$ 147.5US$ 275US$ 130US$ 112.5

Other Fees

*All fees are US Dollars or Php(Philippines Peso) .

Application FeeUS$ 120
MealUS$ 20/week (3times/day at weekday and Saturday, 2times/day at Sunday and holiday.)
Airport Pick UpSunday : US$20 or Php1,000
Monday to Saturday : US$40 or Php2,000
PAY IN Philippines
SSPPhp6,800 (Special Study Permit) *Pay to Immigration through our admin office.
ACR-I CardPhp3,300 (Alien Certificate of Registration) *Pay to Immigration through our admin office.
Water & Electric FeeHOTEL: Php 250/week
SuperiorDorm(Triple,Quad)/StandardDorm(Single): Php 450/week
Standard(Twin,Triple): Php 200+meter
Student IDPhp300
Management FeePhp2,000 / 4weeks
DepositePhp 2,500 or US$50(refund upon checkout)
Extended StayHOTEL Single : Php2,500
HOTEL Twin : Php2,000
HOTEL Quad : Php1,800
Superior Dormitory Triple or Quad : Php1,500
Standard Dormitory Single : Php2,000
Standard Dormitory Twin : Php1,800
Standard Dormitory Triple : Php1,500
Additional Class
Private Class(1:1) : Php7,500 / 4weeks
Group Class : Php4,000 / 4weeks

Private Class(1:1) : Php1,000 per class

Visa Extension Fee

More than 5weeksPhp3,640
More than 9weeksPhp4,710
More than 13weeksPhp2,940
More than 17weeksPhp2,940
More than 21weeksPhp2,940
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