Queen City of the South

Cebu, one of the 7,107 islands that make up the Philippines, is known as the “Queen City of the South” and is famous for a tropical climate, beautiful beaches and iconic historical landmarks. Cebu is a hub of trade, tourism, Information Technology and education and it’s economy is rapidly increasing in a phenomenon known as “Ce-boom!”  Easy access is available both domestically and internationally via the Cebu-Mactan International Airport and the increasing number of visitors coming to study, work and enjoy the many natural and entertainment attractions is a testament to the quality of this popular destination.


Beaches and City

Cebu’s many beach-side resorts are famous for fine and powdery white sand with crystal clear and unpolluted blue waters that make it the most beautiful beach area in the country. Visitors can relax and de-stress themselves. In the city, there are many historical and cultural spots for sightseeing, shopping and entertainment. Riding one of Cebu’s colorful jeepneys allows is a fun way to travel to the malls and buildings found nearby with various stores and restaurants to choose from.

Hospitality Service

The Philippines has varied cultural influences as a result of previous colonization from America and Spain. Filipinos are characterized by heart-warming generosity and friendliness shown to visitors. Filipinos show respect by addressing elders respectfully and putting their elders` hands on their foreheads. They value their families and appreciate quality time together. Visitors to the Philippines find themselves falling in love with the warm hospitality they are shown.

English Culture

Cebu is the largest English-speaking city in the Philippines and the abundant supply of English speakers make it a popular location for foreign companies to establish schools, call centers and other Business Process Outsourcing companies. Historically, English was designated as the main language of education in 1901. As an Official Language of the country, English is the main language of business and mass media and is used for educational, governmental and commercial purposes.

Affordable and Historical Place

Cebu is one of the oldest cities in the Philippines and is famous as a visiting site, and death-place, of the famous explorer Magellan.
With the largest port in the country, Cebu has the advantage of having a wide variety of goods available at an affordable price and the cost of living is lower than the capital Manila and extremely reasonable when compared to other international resort areas.

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