Power Speaking

Since 2012, IDEA English Academy has been offering world-class English programs to students who dream to become proficient speakers. We strongly believe that students improve their skills faster and better when they receive individualized lessons and feedback from their instructors. All Power Speaking students will take a minimum of four private (1:1) class periods per day with one of our trained and experienced teachers.

What is Power Speaking Course?!

The Power Speaking courses of IDEA CEBU  are designed for students and professionals at all levels who want to develop and improve their practical English skills. The main focus of the course is on improvement of speaking skills, which includes fluency, accuracy and pronunciation, and students also spend time on grammar, reading, and writing. Our classes are mostly private (1:1), which means that our students get the personal attention they need. Participants are given plenty of opportunities to practise the spoken English language and this program includes mandatory daily vocabulary tests and self-study.

Private(1:1) Lessons

This program is designed for all students that need to improve their English fluency and accuracy. We offer a choice of 4-7 private lessons per day so students can select the intensity of study that best matches their needs with our strong focus on speaking.

Communicative English

The course content has a special focus on COMMUNICATIVE ENGLISH and provides ample opportunity for students to speak out in order to activate their base of passive English vocabulary.Every morning students must take a vocabulary test that is graded.

Logical Expressions

In addition to teaching the linguistic aspects of English, we place great importance on giving our students the tools and strategies necessary to use English in a global environment. This includes how to express opinions logically and how to interact appropriately and confidently.


Every Monday
*Students must arrive at cebu on Sunday

A1 or Above by IDEA Level Scheme.
  • Students take an entrance test on their first day of study to determine their level of English.
  • Students take a Progress Test every 4 weeks to check on the progress of their study (every Thursday)
  • Mandatory vocabulary tests are given every morning (repeated in the evening if the student does not pass)
  • Self-study for 90 minutes per day is required.

Lesson Module

Private Lesson(1:1) Small Group Lesson Big Group Lesson Optional Lesson
・Quick Respose
・Grammar for Communication
・Survival English
・Business Presentation
・Media Class
Evening Class

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