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The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a standardised English language test designed for foreign speakers who wish to study, work and live in an English-speaking environment. The TOEFL test measures the ability of non-native English speakers to use and understand English as it’s read, written, heard and spoken in the university classroom.
Studying TOEFL at out school is like having a global passport to explore opportunities at destinations around the world.

What is IDEA CEBU TOEFL Course?!

IDEA Cebu’s TOEFL® Preparation courses are designed to help students develop the necessary skills required for the TOEFL® test: speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Students not only develop their language skills, but also have to focus on developing language learning strategies and critical thinking skills that will help them prove to evaluators that they have the required skills needed to study overseas.

The TOEFL Test Preparation courses in IDEA CEBU consist of up to 7 private classes daily and provide our students with a truly intensive English immersion program. But we also know that students need to gain better interactive communication skills, which are an important aspect of being accepted into an overseas education system. They will be looking for interactive ability which includes elements of logic and active listening, which are important fundamental skills included in our programs. We make sure that participants develop strategies that will help them to make connections between what they learn in class and their experiences in the English-speaking academic world.

Flexible Study Plans

We offer a variety of TOEFL study plans so students can select the intensity of study that is most appropriate. Some students want to improve their TOEFL score while also making sure to enhance their overall English ability while others need to focus their training to raise their scores quickly for an upcoming test. We have the right course for everyone!

Premium Methodology

At Idea English schools we assess all students on their first day so we can select the best course schedule and also measure their progress throughout their study time.

Specialist Teachers

For our exam preparation courses we designate specialist teachers that are required to understand all aspects of the test, including the content as well as the test-taking process so that students can receive meaningful lessons aimed at maximizing their potential to improve.


TOEFL Bridge
This course consists of 4 private lessons per day as well as group classes. In addition, students must attend a mandatory vocabulary test every morning and they must re-take the test in the evening if they do not pass. It sounds tough but it is effective to learn new vocabulary. In addition, 90 minutes of self-study is required every day. This program is open to students at all levels.

TOEFL Intensive
This program is open to students from A2 level or above and provides from 5 to 7 private lessons per day so participants can select the topics and intensity of study that are most suited to their needs. Daily vocabulary tests and self-study are required.

Every Monday
*Students must arrive at cebu on Sunday

TOEFL Bridge
A1 or Above by IDEA Level Scheme.

TOEFL Intensive
A2 or Above by IDEA Level Scheme.


  • Students take a TOEFL Mock entrance test on their first day of study to determine their level of English.

  • Students take a TOEFL Progress Test every 4 weeks to check on the progress of their study (every Thursday)

Lesson Module

TOEIC Bridge

Private Lesson(1:1) Small Group Lesson Big Group Lesson Optional Lesson
・TOEIC Reading
・TOEFL Writing
・TOEFL Clinic ・Survival English
・Business Presentation
・Multimedia Class
・Evening Class


TOEIC Intensive

Private Lesson(1:1) Small Group Lesson Big Group Lesson Optional Lesson
・TOEFL Speaking
・TOEFL Reading
・TOEFL Writing
・TOEFL Listening
・TOEFL Speaking2
・TOEFL Clinic ・TOEFL Mock & Review


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