TOEIC Bridge & Intensive


The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is an English language proficiency examination designed to indicate how well people can communicate in English with others in the workplace. The L&R test includes 200 multiple-choice questions divided into two sections, listening and reading. The Bridge test contains 100 questions.

What is IDEA CEBU TOEIC Course?!

IDEA Cebu’s TOEIC courses are designed to enhance understanding of each part of the test so that students can not only improve their test scores but also their real-world communication ability, not just memorizing vocabulary that is quickly forgotten.

The TOEIC Test Preparation courses in IDEA CEBU consist of up to 7 private classes daily and provide our students with a truly intensive English immersion program. The course content has a special focus on TEST PREPARATION as well as COMMUNICATIVE ENGLISH and provides ample opportunity for students to speak out in order to activate their base of passive English vocabulary.

Our teachers are trained to create lessons designed to elicit English utterances up to 80% of class time. The goal of this is to allow students to “Think In English!” so there is less time needed to mentally translate from their first language. This will result in greatly improved English fluency and better retention.

TOEIC or TOEIC Bridge?

We have distinct programs depending on which TOEIC test that students plan to master. This means that we can target the exact areas of studies that will be the most efficient to enhance language ability and improve test scores.

Practice, Practice, Practice

In order to improve it is important that students practice and try sample exams as often as possible. We have created a regimented program of mock tests and practice of authentic materials so students can be well prepared for when they experience the real test.

Specialist Teachers

For our exam preparation courses we designate specialist teachers that are required to understand all aspects of the test, including the content as well as the test-taking process so that students can receive meaningful lessons aimed at maximizing their potential to improve.


TOEIC Bridge
This course consists of 4 private lessons per day as well as group classes. In addition, students must attend a mandatory vocabulary test every morning and they must re-take the test in the evening if they do not pass. It sounds tough but it is effective to learn new vocabulary. In addition, 90 minutes of self-study is required every day. This program is open to students at all levels.

TOEIC Intensive
This program is open to students from A2 level or above and provides from 5 to 7 private lessons per day so participants can select the topics and intensity of study that are most suited to their needs.

Every Monday
*Students must arrive at cebu on Sunday

TOEIC Bridge
A1 or Above
by IDEA Level Scheme.

TOEIC Intensive
A2 or Above by IDEA Level Scheme.



  • Students take a TOEIC Mock entrance test on their first day of study to determine their level of English.

  • Students take a TOEIC Progress Test every 4 weeks to check on the progress of their study (every Thursday)

Lesson Module

TOEIC Bridge

Private Lesson(1:1) Small Group Lesson Big Group Lesson Optional Lesson
・TOEIC Reading
・TOEIC Clinic ・Survival English
・Business Presentation
・Multimedia Class
・Evening Class


TOEIC Intensive

Private Lesson(1:1) Small Group Lesson Big Group Lesson Optional Lesson
・TOEIC Reading,
・TOEIC Reading2
・TOEIC Listening
・TOEIC Vocabulary
・TOEIC Writing
・TOEIC Clinic ・TOEIC Mock & Review



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