Our popular Dream Camp program for Juniors will run from Mid-June to Mid-August. Participants can join for just one week or for the entire nine weeks! We welcome new students to start every Monday.

Our Dream Camp has been carefully designed to provide a fun and educational experience to young learners as they build the language and leadership skills necessary to communicate using English in the real world. We combine high-quality English education with a variety of leisure, cultural and sports activities in the beautiful resort setting of Cebu.

Here is what makes our summer program special: We know that every student is unique so we maximize the use of private lessons. All students will receive a minimum of two 1:1 lessons per day and our group classes will have a maximum of ten students so that each student can receive lessons at the appropriate level and with the proper goals in mind. Our teachers are trained and experienced full-time teachers at our two schools that operate throughout the year.

Having provided Junior programs since 2012 our student feedback is excellent and we continue to strive to make our Dream Camp the highlight of our student’s school life.


6 to 18 years


11 JUN ~ 12 AUG  2017
*Arrivals should be on Sunday
*Orientations held every Monday


included 3 times per day

Airport Transfer



Laundry, Room CLeaning, 24/7-security, Wi-Fi


  • Placement Test (4 skills)
  • Course materials (photocopies)
  • Private lessons (1:1)
  • Group lessons (maximum 10 students)
  • Evening activities
  • Workshops & Half-day trips
  • *only for English Plus Course
  • Full-day trips and activities
  • Presentation & Speech Activities
  • Certificate of Attendance


  • Air-conditioned bedrooms with shower & toilet room
  • Quad Room (Maximum 4 students per room)
  • Desk, Chair, Private security cabinet
  • Convenience Store, Café, Restaurant, Pharmacy, Massage
  • located on 1st and 2nd floor of same building
  • Shopping Mall (1 min on foot)
  • Hospital (5 mins by car)


45 mins per class period on Monday – Thursday, 40 mins on Friday.

50 mins per class period on Monday – Thursday, 45 mins on Friday.
Shuttle bus from School to Dormitory provided every morning and evening.

Both campuses will provide the same accommodation.
Philippines Departure Tax must be paid at the airport


Cebu, one of the 7,107 islands that make up the Philippines, is known as the “Queen City of the South” and is famous for a tropical climate, beautiful beaches and iconic historical landmarks. Cebu is a hub of trade, tourism, Information Technology and education and it’s economy is rapidly increasing in a phenomenon known as “Ce-boom!” Easy access is available both domestically and internationally via the Cebu-Mactan International Airport and the increasing number of visitors coming to study, work and enjoy the many natural and entertainment attractions is a testament to the quality of this popular destination.

Beaches and City

Cebu’s many beach-side resorts are famous for fine and powdery white sand with crystal clear and unpolluted blue waters that make it the most beautiful beach area in the country. Visitors can relax and de-stress themselves. In the city, there are many historical and cultural spots for sightseeing, shopping and entertainment. Riding one of Cebu’s colorful jeepneys allows is a fun way to travel to the malls and buildings found nearby with various stores and restaurants to choose from.

English Culture

Cebu is the largest English-speaking city in the Philippines and the abundant supply of English speakers make it a popular location for foreign companies to establish schools, call centers and other Business Process Outsourcing companies. Historically, English was designated as the main language of education in 1901. As an Official Language of the country, English is the main language of business and mass media and is used for educational, governmental and commercial purposes.

Affordable and Historical Place

Cebu is one of the oldest cities in the Philippines and is famous as a visiting site, and death-place, of the famous explorer Magellan.
With the largest port in the country, Cebu has the advantage of having a wide variety of goods available at an affordable price and the cost of living is lower than the capital Manila and extremely reasonable when compared to other international resort areas.

Hospitality Service

The Philippines has varied cultural influences as a result of previous colonization from America and Spain. Filipinos are characterized by heart-warming generosity and friendliness shown to visitors. Filipinos show respect by addressing elders respectfully and putting their elders` hands on their foreheads. They value their families and appreciate quality time together. Visitors to the Philippines find themselves falling in love with the warm hospitality they are shown


At IDEA ENGLISH ACADEMY we offer three types of summer camps programs. Our INTENSIVE course is for those that want to maximise their time in the classroom and offers 7 class periods per weekday as well as a limited number of leisure activities. The ENGLISH Plus+ program, our most popular course, features 4 lessons on weekdays as well as a variety of workshops, activities and excursions. Our FAMILY program allows students to join one of our camp programs while their parents or supervisors can join one of our many English programs at our schools.


Our Junior programs consist of individualized private lessons, group classes with a maximum of 10 participants, as well as a variety of leisure and cultural activities all designed to enhance not only the language ability of the students but also to support the development of positive leadership skills in a global environment.
Curriculum: Our teachers follow an integrated language skills syllabus with specific outcomes designed to make learning easier through interesting and engaging lessons.

Private Lessons (1:1)

We strongly believe that students improve their skills faster and better when they receive individualized lessons and feedback from their instructors. All Summer Camp students will take a minimum of two class periods per day 1:1 with one of our trained and experienced teachers.

Group Lessons (Max. 10)

Our group lessons will have a maximum of 10 participants. This means that students can benefit from the positive interaction with other students to share ideas and speak out actively.

Leadership Program

Not just language and activities! Students will be able to build their life skills through a wide range of activities designed to nurture curiosity, encourage teamwork and leadership skills and boost confidence in a safe and supportive environment.

English Communication

We feel that enhancing English language knowledge alone is not enough. We also strive to teach our students how to use the language in real world situations by utilizing appropriate body language, logical construction and effective active listening skills.


Our Dream Camp programs offer an exciting variety of safe supervised workshops, activities and excursions which take place on selected weekdays and weekends. We make sure that students get a chance to expand their global horizons and use English in the real world while also expanding their world-view with new experiences tailor-made for young learners that will give them a summer to remember.   

Evening Activity

We provide teacher-led group activities on-site at our facilities every weekday evening such as yoga, dance, films, and games as well as swimming held at a local resort. This will give the students the chance to use English in a fun communicative atmosphere while interacting with a diverse group of students from many countries.

Half Day Trip

Our half-day trips are fully supervised excursions to local places of interest such as a visit to a local school to tour the facilities and meet the children that study there, to participate in some volunteer activity or to visit a company that produces dried mangoes, one of the world-famous products of Cebu.


Our workshops, held on-site at our facilities, are designed around goal-centered activities such as cooking, arts & crafts and project competitions that support the acquisition of language while nurturing positive interaction and leadership capabilities.

Weekend Full-day Excursion

Full-day fully supervised weekend excursions will include visits to the top tourist attractions in the Cebu area including trips to local islands, tours to historical places and marine activities to enjoy the beautiful tropical resort setting.

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